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GINGER HONEY PRODUCTION Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing production house based in Mumbai Providing wholesome entertainment to the audiences.

As a full-fledged service, GINGER HONEY PRODUCTION is a production house and with a roster of ongoing shows has the expertise and experience to meet all Audience loyalty is intrinsic to success in entertainment industry, especially in television. It provides multidimensional entertainment solutions and intends to foray soon into executing film projects. An additional advantage for the company is that it has excellent relations with the best of talents and technicians working in this field in India. It is therefore capable of expanding its activities to new areas of specialization whenever possible. The real strength of GINGER HONEY PRODUCTIONS lies in its Creativity and Innovation, Quality Driven Programmes & Admirable Audience Satisfaction.

Ginger Honey Productions is fast emerging Film and Television Production House specializing in the content creation, creative execution and timely delivery. Our core team has worked with leading channels like UTV, Sahara Samay, CCTV & DD for fiction & Non fiction programs.

Creativity, insight and discipline have always remained our pillars of strength. Our enviable stature has been achieved through careful planning, disciplined action and specialization, which is reflected at all stages. In the constantly changing world of entertainment, we have discovered that certain factors for success remain the same and they are: Conceptualization, Sharp focus on content, Efficient management of the talent pool & Driving channel profits.

The company is a new age film and television production house with all production facilities. Our core team consists of in-house production coordinators, finance controller, managers, & production crew. Ginger Honey Productions has a professional talent pool which comprise of Young and experienced directors, cinematographers, creative directors, writers, music directors, concept developers, editors, graphic designers & project managers. We believe in being an integral part of our clients' success stories by offering concept & creative media services.

With Ginger Honey Productions, you have a partner who has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to generate customized solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our commitment to service - regardless of order size - is what sets us apart. We understand that each and every client case deserves the same amount of work and dedication to ensure a quality product upon delivery.

Core Team



Documentary Film Production Ginger Honey Production can also help you with
Corporate Films Webcasting
TV Commercial Production Media replication
Pre-Production Renting out the best equipment
Production Hiring skilled and experienced crew
Post Production Production and logistics
Promotional Video Production. Non Linear video editing
Stage Show production Transfers and conversions
Music Video Production    

Documentary Film Production

Documentary film production in India gained momentum in the mid 1970's. Documentaries were shown in India in 1920's as news reels shown by the British. John Grierson, the founder of the British Documentary Movement, describes documentary as the creative interpretation of reality. It can be said that a documentary film is a story based on a fact or reality presented in a dramatic way. In a documentary film, characters may or may not be real but the story is always based on real experiences.

Ginger Honey is a leading video production company in India. The company provides for low cost documentary film production services in India and high quality final products which sets it apart from other companies and makes it unique and different.

The most crucial part in producing a documentary film is its script. Script writing requires great experience, interpretative skills, wild imagination and out of the box thinking. That is why we have chosen experienced and creative script writers to cater to the needs of our clients.
Shooting for a documentary film is quite a challenging task. Our experts, with their skills at framing and camera movements have the ability to perform the difficult tasks with an ease

The final stage is the post production process for a documentary film. It involves video editing, voice over, title and then the output. The reason for the best quality videos/documentaries at Ginger Honey Productions is the use of latest audio and video editing software. Software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are flexible enough to perform any heavy task for any kind of audio-video product. Our male and female voice over artists make the best use of their vocal skills to give an ultimate voice to the documentary film.

This is not all. Ginger Honey Productions also provides our clients with cinematographers, directors, sound recordists and high quality equipment on hire as well. Our production team is well known for its efficiency and competence at completing the shooting phase in a creative way and in much less time.


Corporate Films

Corporate film production in India has bloomed ever since its inception. Corporate videos are the most effective way to land the planet of business. One can create a healthy B2B environment in the national and international market by showcasing the company's profile in an exciting and interesting manner. It is a way to reach thousands of people in less than a minute's time. The outside world can watch the past, present and future plans of the company through the corporate film on the homepage of the company's website. It is not confined to the website only, the corporate video can be uploaded on video sharing websites to stimulate and prompt the customers/clients to contact the respective company for their projects.

Company video production in india has popularized due to its exhilarating features and advantages. With its renowned and experienced management, Ginger Honey Productions has also ventured into video production services. Ginger Honey Productions is such a video production company in india that provides low cost Corporate video production services with the help of the most recent and modern equipment and a small but a dynamic and technically sound team. The well experienced and creative team of script writers, cinematographers and video editors work 24×7 to fulfill the client's desires by providing high quality audio and visual production services.

Now creating a mesmerizing, attention grabbing and appealing corporate video is not a herculean task. With the advent of Ginger Honey Productions as a corporate film production company in India, one must forget about spending millions of dollars on corporate film production. Ginger Honey Productions is well

recognised for its unique video production services in india. It aims to provide full script to screen services for the film of the client's company or product at very low prices.

To ensure smooth and efficient film/video making Ginger Honey Productions follows a well-organized procedure .

Pre production is the backbone and the first stage of any kind of audio and visual production. Ginger Honey Productions lends thorough support to its clients in corporate film production with all the pre production services like idea, script writing, and storyboard designing and budgeting for the product. Generating creative ideas to present visuals to the audience in an eye-catching way is the motto of Ginger Honey Productions. The production team here is dedicated to complete the assigned task in a short time to save the hard earned money of the clients.

To give an impressive final cut to the video the post production team of video editors, voice artists and animators is always ready with the latest skills, tools and techniques. In fact, use of creative ideas, high quality video equipments and latest post production techniques is the hallmark of Ginger Honey Productions.

Here, it is believed that customer is really the king so satisfaction of the customers is the primary motive. So to get an exciting video for company in india at competitive costs Ginger Honey Productions is the best place.

Feel the difference by considering Ginger Honey Productions for Corporate Film.
Let's make an ever lasting impression on the audience and design a healthy relation by collaborating dreams, ideas and efforts.

The following types of corporate video production are available with us:

- Promotional Video
- Documentary
- Testimonial Video
- Interview Based Video
- Online Video Ads
- Training video
- Corporate Event Coverage




TV Commercial Production


TV Commercial Production in India is one of the fastest growing industries. A TV commercial has the power to make any product an instant hit as people spend almost 15 hours out 24 watching the idiot box.


TV ad production in India has a much wider scope than print advertisements as TV ads are interactive and have the capacity to draw more eyeballs. TV advertisements have the capacity to address thousands of people located at different places across the city or country at the same point of time.


Ginger Honey Productions is one such medium to reach the target audience with the aid of visual language. It is the best place to tailor the most desirable TV advertisement.

Ginger Honey Productions is a gateway and a solution to video ad production in India. It is a Production House that provides its clients with a suitable video ad for their company/organization keeping in mind the cost.

Pre- Production

TV Commercial Production in India is one of the fastest growing industries. A TV commercial has the power to make any product an instant hit as people spend almost 15 hours out 24 watching the idiot box.


TV ad production in India has a much wider scope than print advertisements as TV ads are interactive and have the capacity to draw more eyeballs. TV advertisements have the capacity to address thousands of people located at different places across the city or country at the same point of time.


Ginger Honey Productions is one such medium to reach the target audience with the aid of visual language. It is the best place to tailor the most desirable TV advertisement.

Ginger Honey Productions is a gateway and a solution to video ad production in India. It is a Production House that provides its clients with a suitable video ad for their company/organization keeping in mind the cost.


Ginger Honey Productions with its unique video production services in India, and skilled as well as proficient cinematographers and directors, captures every written word of the script with the help of HD professional video cameras and latest audio capturing techniques, along with creative lighting set up. The focus here is not just on completing the project in a short span of time but also on delivering the best quality finished product to the clients.

In the video ad production process, the following services are provided -

- Direction
- Cinematography
- Lighting
- Video Equipment
- Cast and Crew


Post production process includes video editing, sound editing, voice over and authoring.

To give the clients the desired results for their TV Commercials the team of veteran video and sound editors use latest software like Final Cut pro, Soundtrack Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for audio and video editing. The technically strong post production process makes it comfortable for the entire team to work 24×7 for each project.

Ginger Honey Productions provides the following post production services for the projects -

- Non linear Video Editing
- Sound Editing
- Voice Over
- Authoring
- Distribution

Promotional Video Production

Ginger Honey Productions is a small video production company in India, but well recognized for its team of media professionals who have a great aesthetic sense, wild imagination and sublime thought process. The team works day and night to provide the clients with the best audio and visual production services at an affordable cost. The script writers, production personnel and post production teams of Ginger Honey Productions are so full of creative talent that any promotional video they make, becomes an instant hit with the viewers. Ginger Honey Productions believes in spreading such quality video production services in India that matches international standards and vigour.


Ginger Honey Productions has great ideas for each promotional video format be it a promotional video, web video, product launch, event promo, TV commercial or Video ad for local cable.

It is very essential to keep the target audience in mind while creating/producing any promotional video. All the videos that are produced here are aimed at catching the interest of the audience. The videos are not just attractive but are also purposeful and awakening.

With a firm faith in the popular belief, "a good picture is worth thousand words", Ginger Honey Productions strives to use the visuals to convey the messages in the most vivid and picturesque way. The production and shooting process thus pursued at Ginger Honey Productions best incorporates the use of 'Visual Language' to deliver the required information to the intended audience.


With the aid of high quality digital cameras and sound recording system for the production process of the videos, Ginger Honey Productions seeks to provide cost effective video production services in India.

The company has a treasure of many indoor and outdoor locations to give the videos an authentic and real feel. Ginger Honey Productions acts as a troubleshooter to all the complications related to the entire production process or hiring cameramen or sound recordists for production. The cost of hiring high quality equipment is also not beyond the pocket of an average earner.

Ginger Honey Productions endeavours to create videos with passion, energy and dedication. The use of modern techniques with efficacy and effectiveness here helps the public understand the concept of a promotional video.



Stage Show production

Stage show production is an art, which also encompasses technical skills required to provide the veracious treatment to all the elements involved in it. Ginger Honey Productions has a mastery over the artistic and technical skills to deliver you with affordable stage show production. Before we take on to any project, we comprehend and envision the needs of our clients and then cater accordingly. Whether you are a small or large organization, an educational institution, a club or a group looking forward to give an awesome stage performance, we have just the right solutions for all of you. We capture the true essence of stage shows with the aid of our multi-camera set up, that ensures the performances are captured from all directions and angles. To be precise, we leave no stone unturned in video-recording your stage show from variety of diverse angles. Later, we go through all these angles and choose the paramount ones that offer the finest screen presence.


Since stage shows are customarily an indoor event, with a few being conducted outdoors at night, lighting could be a challenge. But don't sweat and keep those stress wrinkles off your forehead, because at Ginger Honey Productions, you can avail the professional lighting for an exceptional stage show. Our lighting techniques are such that it will add a selective mood, grace and attire to the whole event. Our technicians are experts at various techniques used in lighting. Be it dimming, selective revelation or highlighting different elements or objects during the show, they provide you with luring and outstanding services, keeping in mind the theme and time of the stage show.


We at Ginger Honey Productions strive at recording quality videos of the stage shows, because we know how much efforts are required to host an outstanding and exclusive Stage show. Our creative ideas blend perfectly with our technical efforts to give you what you aspire. What's even more amazing is that we are well equipped with digital cameras for stage show shooting, ensuring that you don't have to make any extra efforts and leave the entire burden on our boisterous shoulders.


Our association does not end with you just with giving you the footage of the stage show. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and thus make certain that we provide you with desirable stage show editing services as well; that too at a cost, which you would not be able to refuse. This phase comes under the stage show post production, where we engage in video editing for stage show, by the means of advanced and complete professional editing tools and soft wares, which would look your stage show video like a million dollar entity.

Music Video Production

Music Video Production in India has reached new heights today. Not only the quality of video but also other elements such as special effects and sound quality too have reached the zenith of their appeal, thus making it an awesome experience for the viewers. Video Production for music in India has much greater scope today as compared to in past, given that many a young talented people want to exhibit their talent and such videos provide them with a platform for the same. With video production in India spreading it wings of sophistication, the competition too is surging up. You can come across numerous video production companies, but finding the one which caters to all your needs keeping your budget in mind could be a head-aching task. Ginger Honey Productions located in Delhi is one such company, which offers affordable packages for video production services in India.

Bolstered with a team of thorough professionals, we believe in the saying that customers are the real king. Keeping this in mind, we start on any project after efficiently comprehending the need of our clients. For making an excellent music video, we keep in mind the duration of the music video, the genre, the performers required, locations and most importantly the budget. In the pre-production stage, we finalize the performers for the video. Some videos might require one or two performers, but most music videos would require back dancers or other supporters. At times the singer of the song, on which the video is being made, too wants to come in front of the camera, which is completely justified. After all it's his song!! No music video can sail smoothly without a dedicated and talented choreographer, and Ginger Honey Productions can help you find a perfect choreographer for your video. For this, the genre is kept in mind, whether it's a pop music video, folk music video or jazzy item number. We make sure we choose just the right locations to shoot these videos. After an intensive session of planning, we proceed to the battlefield, i.e. shooting the music video. well-equipped with latest equipment required for shooting, our soldiers leave no stone unturned to capture the most influential shots for an indulging music video. With the aid of latest cameras and lighting equipment, we capture as much footage as possible. Once the exhausting task of shooting footage is done with, the final stage of editing the video comes in picture. Under this stage, our highly technical as well as creative editors' burn their midnight oil to furnish a music video that has the power to keep the eyes glued to the screen. We have all the latest software related to editing and we assure that we never make compromise on the quality of the video. With the help of outstanding sound mixing techniques, the sound effects of the video can make anyone tap one's foot. No wonder we are rapidly emerging as one of the best video production companies in India. For more information, kindly contact us without any second thoughts.


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